Minot's potential water restrictions

Published: May. 30, 2018 at 6:24 PM CDT
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Last year, with the combination of drought conditions and several water main breaks, Minot was put under water restrictions.

The Magic city could be facing a similar situation this summer.

Farm land, parks, and ball fields all need rain to keep the fields green.

Without it, Minot could expect to see outside water restrictions similar to last year.

"Everybody will want to water at the same times. They have their automatic sprinklers set up and it's amazing the amount of water that goes out onto our lawns and gardens. If we get a good heavy rain storm during the summer time we can see out reservoirs fill up rather quickly because people shut off their sprinklers,” said Water Treatment Plant Superintendent Mark Paddock.

If these restrictions go into effect, there are specific public places that can still operate at normal levels.

"Roosevelt Park pool, the splash pads. We can still keep those running because we are not drawing water directly from the city system. We have our own contained system there,” said Minot Park District Executive Director Ron Merritt.

Water usage is already six percent more than this time last year. Paddock says outside watering is the biggest drain but there are ways to conserve water inside your home.

"Be more conscientious of how they use their water in their home. That you don't let the faucet run while you are brushing your teeth. Limit your car washes. If your car is just dusty just let it go until it gets dirty or has water spots on it. That kind of thing could help,” said Paddock.

Conserving water in case of another dry summer ahead.

If Minot is placed under water restrictions the city will have that information at

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