Minot's only needle disposal container is making a difference

Published: Nov. 15, 2019 at 4:35 PM CST
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First District Health Unit in Minot is offering a way to dispose of injection needles and syringes.

They recently placed a large red container outside their facility to collect used needles and syringes.

According to the health center, they have collected at least 1,300 needles since the container was placed outside the center two months ago.

The facility says the container is not monitored, accessible any time of day or night, and will be collected by a contracted company to be disposed of properly reducing harm to sanitation workers.

“Well, we told them to put them in puncture resistant bags and then throw them in the garbage cans, but then it always runs the risk of sanitary workers getting punctured if the container opens. So this reduces that risk because we get rid of the syringes, and we have them disposed of by our company,” said Liz Kosel-Tilton, nurse manager of Minot Good Neighbor Program.

Medical experts say that making sure used syringes are off the streets significantly reduces the spread of diseases and infections.