Minot's curling club still going strong 100 years later

MINOT, N.D. - With the Olympics in full swing it seemed only fitting to check out one of the more unique sports, curling.

As the world's best curlers head to South Korea for the Winter Olympics, athletes in Minot are carrying on a tradition more than a century old.

Minot's Curling Club began way back in 1905, and over the years its grown into one of the biggest winter activities in the Magic City, just ask people like Matt Fossen.

“Depending if you want to come hang out, you know have a couple of cold ones and just kind of play a bit. Or if you want to get a little more serious, you can enter some of the tournaments and kind of get a little more excelled and play some harder games," said Matt Fossen, a member of the curling club.

Matt and his wife Jessica curl on a team every Wednesday night. They both grew up in Minnesota and curled in high school.

Minot's club has allowed them to continue the sport and make new friends.

“We've met a lot of people here. Matt works for a company that we have actually gotten a lot of his coworkers involved in it. So we actually know quite of bit of people now. And we just love being on the ice. Seeing everybody meeting people," said Jessica Fossen.

Jessica says the club brings together young and old, the experts, and the beginners.

“You know there is the people like Mark who is the main curling guy whose been at it forever. And then there is kind of a younger group coming back in it. And not today, but on the Monday league there is actually a lot of little kidos too that get into it. They get in pretty young," said Jessica Fossen.

The curling club has leagues that meet Monday, Wednesday and Thursday during the winter months.