Minot's Salvation Army distributes kids winter clothes

MINOT, N.D. - After gathering winter clothes donations for Coats For Kids, the Minot Salvation Army hosted their first of five distribution days.

As we get close to winter, coats, hats and gloves are a necessity, but for some, affording these items for their kids just isn't feasible.

"Living in North Dakota. The wind and the snow it is definitely needed. Kids need winter gear to go outside and play for recess, wait outside, play outside and just to stay warm it's needed,” said Tawni Kaluzi, the social worker for Minot’s Salvation Army.

Minot's Salvation Army collected items and are distributing them to those who need them the most. However, they say donations were down this year.

"We did have some in storage from last year which was a blessing. I think we will make do with the stuff we have. Last year everyone went home with a coat and I am hoping for the same thing this year,” said Kaluzi.

They say roughly 50 families came to the first distribution day.

"Everyone seems grateful and shocked that there is donations and availability for items. I think they are still worried that there might not be a size for everybody, but we try and fill everyone's need,” said Kaluzi.

Helping to make sure all the kids in the community have a coat.

Coats for kids distributions days will be Thursday Oct. 10, Tuesday the 15, Thursday the 17 and the 22. The Salvation Army is always accepting donations and are in great need of snow boots and boys coats.