Minot's 'Power of the Purse' donates toys to the DVCC

MINOT, N.D. - A Minot charity is working with Minot's Domestic Violence Crisis Center to make sure families in our community can enjoy the holidays.

Members of the 'Power of the Purse' campaign donated $2,000 worth of toys the DVCC.

They bought 200 high quality toys, and Wednesday they gave them to the center to be distributed sometime this month.

"It's a wonderful organization to be apart of and this specific event was perfect. It fit our goals for women and children in Minot to the tee and it was a great experience," said Jill Wald, a member of the Power of the Purse.

Around the middle of December, the DVCC will set the toys up as if the parents were going to go shopping in a store.

"Parents come in, they shop for their children. That way they can pick what is best for their child. They can wrap it all up and take it away. They get a food basket and toys for their kids. It brings a little bit of the magic of Christmas back in after you have been dealing with a lot of trauma," said Jill McDonald, DVCC's executive director.

McDonald says they have done this in years past and plan on continuing the tradition. She says it is just one less thing parents have to worry about during a hard time.