Minot's Power of Pink Cake Auction total

MINOT, N.D. - You may remember the Power of Pink cake decorating in October. Well, the results are in and the grand total of the cake auction is a whopping $10,808.

The money helps fund the YMCA Cancer Exercise Rehab Program. It's a way for members of the community to support one another.

"People want to be charitable, especially this time of year. People want to help people but I think it feels better knowing that your contributions and your efforts are going to help your loved ones, your friends, maybe your relatives. I think there is a personal connection when the funds are being used for people that you know," said Russell Gust, Trinity Health's Exercise Physiology manager.

Gust says the program has helped more than 500 people throughout the past 11 years. Each year they average about 50 people going through the program.