Minot's Nature Nook lets kids dig up learning

MINOT, N.D. - Even when they're not at school, kids still have a chance to learn every day in Minot.

The Nature Nook Children’s store in Minot hosted their weekly event that lets kids be the scientists and learn about creatures that live in the ground.

This week was the first time they dug up toy bugs from their dirt mounds, but each week has something different in store, from digging up fossils to precious gems, to dinosaurs.

“Some kids love to get into it. Some kids don't really want to touch it and that's part of the fun, to get the clay on your hands, to get dirty and to get messy,” said Nature Nook owner Deb Peery.

You'll be able to find their booth at this summer's North Dakota State Fair and make some free putty.