Minot’s ‘Home Sweet Home’ gift shop closing amid flood protection project

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MINOT, N.D The owners of Home Sweet Home are closing the business, after the city of Minot purchased the property on 4th Avenue Northwest.

Home Sweet Home has added to the city of Minot's local flavor for many years. It's a relationship that's coming to an end with the store's closure this week.

The structure of Home Sweet Home was built in 1899, but it wasn't until 2000 when Linda Johnson took the business over. Now in 2018, the business will close it's doors forever.

The store is best known for selling home decor and gift baskets with North Dakota flair. But now, the area occupied by Home Sweet Home will be used for the city's flood protection project.

Johnson says it hasn't been easy on her staff and her customers as they stop by the shop to say their final goodbyes.

"We've actually seen a lot of tears. They're grieving, it's like a death for them. Very long standing customers. Some are angry but most are just sad to see it go," said Johnson.

"Sad. This was just a shop that was unique to Minot and I'd like to see it stay. It's some place we like to bring our kids when they're here because it is a unique shopping experience of North Dakota" said Marie Carlson, customer.

As one chapter closes, Johnson say's she looks forward to what will come next. However, she will never forget the memories she's made at Home Sweet Home.

"This has been like the most wonderful part of my life, this last 25 years," said Johnson

Leaving behind a piece of Minot history, and looking to the future.

Johnson says that Home Sweet Home products can be purchased online and at trade shows.