Minot's Farmers Market

MINOT, N.D. - Tuesday, the annual Farmer's Market opened at the Oak Park Shopping Complex.

Some say 'Farm to Table' is the best-tasting kind of food, and at the Minot Farmer's Market, that's exactly what you will get.

"The very fresh vegetables. They are very good, fresh. The first day of the season is kind of chaotic for the first five minutes, after that it kind of levels out. And as the season progresses the vegetables get better. You have more vendors. Very good place to come and get fresh stuff,” said David Labry, customer.

The farmers market is packed in the first few minutes after the whistle blows. David Kapp says he nearly sold out in less than a half hour.

"Everybody wanted peas. There are not enough peas in North Dakota right now for all the people who want peas,” sayid David Kapp, Kapp Garden and Farmer's Market Vendor.

Buying straight from the farmer or the baker has many advantages.

“The vendors are all very friendly. It's great to discuss with them what they are growing, how they are growing it. They can give you recipe ideas, so you're not just going in and grabbing something from the supper market,” said Ann Olson, Minot Farmer's Market marketing coordinator.

Kapp has sold goods at the market since 1976, and has become a staple for fresh produce.

"You know you do this as long as we have, you get to know the community. One fella lives next door to a good friend of mine and I asked him, you know, if he was keeping my friend in line. You know those kinds of things, just small talk. But I mean it's a fun community thing,” saidKapp.

Growing fresh, local food for the Minot community.

There are 27 vendors signed up for this year's Farmers Market. Each Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday from 9 a.m. until noon or sell out at the Oak Park Shopping Complex Parking Lot.