Minot zookeeper returns after trip to Africa

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MINOT N.D. - A zookeeper from Minot's own Roosevelt Park Zoo got the chance to travel to Africa where she got some first-hand experience with some pretty wild friends.

Allison Suda went on a trip of her life-time.

"it was a very beautiful experience to see the giraffes in the wild. There are not very many in that, park but there are some very strong populations throughout Africa that we are trying to promote and save before the numbers diminish too much," said Allison Suda, African Hoofstock lead keeper at the Roosevelt Park Zoo.

Suda spent 10 days in Uganda with Care for Karamoja, a giraffe conservation project, thanks to the proceeds from the Feed the Giraffe exhibit at the Roosevelt Park Zoo.

"It was very humbling and we're very honored to be a part of this program. There's not many zoo's that support this specific program, so it is something that, we here, in Minot can be really proud about; that we are one of the main backers of this," said Suda.

Suda says she got the chance to teach Ugandans the importance of wildlife conservation.

"We were putting on workshops on conservation education for the local communities around one of the national parks. Doing a lot with helping the people deal with human and wildlife conflict, as well as support the people in the local villages so that they can support the wildlife in their area," said Suda

The trip gave this young American some perspective.

"It makes you appreciate what you have for sure, and it also make you want to give more, and we have that ability. And, I think people around the world see Americans as very giving people, especially in North Dakota. We're a very giving state. I think we can be very proud of that, that we like to help those around us," said Suda.

Suda said she plans to use what she learned to educate the people of Minot and would like to go back to Africa if she could.