Minot zoo welcomes pair of camels

MINOT, N.D. - Pria and Cisco, both one-year-old Bactrian camels, are the newest members of The Roosevelt Park Zoo family.

Pria is the female camel who comes from Fargo, and Cisco, from Idaho Falls, Idaho, celebrated his first birthday Tuesday.

Bactrian camels originate from Central Asia and are used to the cold and snow.

“Last year we knew Fargo was going to have one, and they had a baby girl and that's what we wanted, so we acted fast on that one and got her. Then we just happened to come upon a male and we knew that she need a friend so we happened to get two,” said Chelsea Lee, zookeeper.

The addition comes following the losses of two beloved camels at the zoo last year.

The camels are under a 30 day quarantine, a standard practice to ensure no diseases are brought into the zoo. Once the quarantine is over they will make the move to the north side to join the cold weather animals.

Pria and Cisco will be open for the public to see soon. If you cannot wait, take a drive down Burdick and you might be able to catch a glimpse if they are hanging out outside.