Minot restaurant claims delivery service sold its food without permission

MINOT, N.D. – A Minot pizzeria is claiming that a third-party vendor has sold its food online without its permission at marked-up prices.

Nite Train Pizza says that Bite Squad, a food delivery service, sold their food at a 25-percent markup, before sales tax, but never contacted Nite Train about partnering with them.

The pizzeria posted about the matter on its Facebook page Wednesday.

Nite Train Pizza says that Bite Squad took the restaurant off of its website when Nite Train posted about the issue on Facebook.

The pizzeria claims other restaurants in the Minot area are facing a similar issue with Bite Squad.

According to the Bite Squad website, they do business in 18 states, and work out of Fargo, but don’t have other locations in North Dakota.

We called Bite Squad, but the call ended following an automated message. We have emailed their support regarding the issue, and will update as we learn more.