Minot residents talk use of downtown gathering space

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MINOT, N.D. – Spurring interest in a downtown gathering space for Minot was the focal point of Thursday evening’s ‘Gathering 1.Oh!’ event.

The event provided music, food, and local vendors for people to enjoy.

The main goal was to draw attention to the various spaces in the downtown area where people can gather.

One of the main organizers, Jessica Ackerman, says she thinks this will inspire more people and places to gather.

“When we talk about a place to gather it does showcase the locals and what they do. We're having an opportunity to do that tonight including artists that are actually doing their art. There are folks here who are currently doing street art or spinning pottery on a wheel,” said Ackerman.

This was the first gathering one-point-oh, but Ackerman says she’s confident there will be more.