Minot residents on edge following Monday-morning shootings

Published: Nov. 18, 2019 at 8:34 PM CST
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Minot residents woke up to gunfire Monday morning at two different locations in the city.

Just before 1:30 a-m, police received a report of multiple shots fired at the apartments in the 200 block of 2nd Avenue SW.

Then, roughly an hour and a half later, police received a second report of shots fired at a different apartment--this time, in the 1100 block of 11th Avenue NW.

No one was injured, but residents who live at the apartment buildings where the shootings took place were on edge Monday evening.

Minot Police said they don't know if the two incidents located all of a few blocks apart are related. Needless to said, residents are concerned.

This neighborhood in northwest Minot is normally quiet but not Monday morning.

"I heard about 15 shots, but my boyfriend was still up. He heard all of it, and him and our friend that was over jumped to the ground." said Ayla Flowers, a shooting witness.

The apartment complex located on 11th Street and 11th Avenue NW has 18 bullet holes in it.

"It definitely got the nerves going this morning, said Matthew Flinn.

Flinn lives in the apartment below where the bullets entered the building. He said he was talking on the phone to his mother when he heard gunfire.

There were other people in his apartment at the time of the shooting.

"They said their daughter woke up immediately, and went into mom's arms,” said Flinn.

Other residents in the apartment complex where also shaken by what they heard.

"They all got scared freaking out,” said Jayson Schmidt, a nearby resident.

Schmidt said his protective instincts immediately kicked in once he heard the gun fire.

Less than two miles away, another apartment complex was hit by gun fire Monday morning.

Police said they do not know if the incidents are related.

Minot police also said there are no suspects at this time, and if you have any information please call (701) 852-0111.