Minot residents discuss landfill at public forum

MINOT, N.D. - Many Minot residents engaged in a public discussion Thursday night on the future of the city's landfill.

The numbers from the city revealed it would be cheaper to expand the current landfill, but there was still a lot of push-back from the audience to move the landfill away from Minot.

Folks suggested that the landfill would drive away traffic from the future Trinity Hospital, that it would leave Minot residents with the cost of a facility that serves seven other counties, and that even the seagulls living in the landfill would cause problems for the public.

“It doesn't matter if we're far in town or eight to 10 miles out, we have flocks of thousands of seagulls out that far,” said one Minot resident.

“Paying the monitoring, keeping up with it. That’s all the stuff that’s a lifetime of us having to deal with this and we're stuck with the bill. Not these other counties,” said another resident.

The Planning Commission will present these finding to City Council later this month.