Minot residents connect with Hurricane Harvey victims

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MINOT, N.D. - The images of the flood in Houston have left many people shocked and wondering how they can help.

Here in Minot, it has also tugged on memories of our own catastrophe. We spoke with community members about the two floods and how they plan to help their fellow neighbors down south.

"Yeah, so this is our home that we lived in during the flood, that got flooded up. We were here for six years. Yeah some very good memories from this home," said Johnny Hunter, Minot resident, formerly from Houston.

And some bad ones, Hunter says. Memories of being displaced leaves him worried about the people of Houston, including his family.

"All of my family is there. I'm originally from Houston. They're all distressed and it's pretty tough for Houston right now," said Hunter.

Images of the flood in Houston offer a stark reminder of memories of the flood in Minot in 2011. Memories that remind people that any ounce of support is forever appreciated.

"The river was full for so long and then to thank that it was just going to come over, it's just kind of; I guess you just do what you have to do in those moments. But, one of the blessings for me was allowing people to help me and now we have opportunities to do that again " said Pastor Peter Pederson, Our Redeemers Church.

The turmoil is something that he knows Hurricane Harvey victims must be feeling.

Turmoil that he says he hopes he and Our Redeemers Christian school church can help ease with their donations.

"We felt like it was the thing that we should do we've talked about it for a couple of years. There's been a couple of other floods that we've seen and kind of thought about going but this time we're really going to put together some teams and try to get down there," said Pederson.

While you can never really forget such a huge impact on your life the human compassion that people share is memory that we can all connect with.
Hunter says he and his fraternity plan on raising money to send to Houston.

You can drop off emergency items to Our Redeemers Christian School and Church starting Tuesday, Sept. 5 until Friday, Sept. 8.

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