Minot police promotion ceremony

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Dozens of Minot's finest are moving up in the ranks.

More than 30 Minot Police Officers were honored Thursday during a mass promotion ceremony.

Twenty-five officers who passed a written exam and had five years of experience were promoted to the newly-created Master Police Officer position, and seven officers who passed a written exam and had three years of experience were promoted to Senior Police Officer.

Both positions come with additional responsibilities and a pay increase.

“Very exciting and rewarding for me that just a few weeks before my retirement I am able to promote people that are well deserving some very veteran officers that add valuable experience to our department ,” Minot Chief of Police Jason Olson told KMOT.

Matt Pappenfuss has been with the Minot Police Department for seven years. Today, he was honored to get promoted to the Master Police Officer position.

“Yeah, I'm excited it’s another pay step with the police department. They now promoted me from a senior officer to a master officer. It's nice to get that recognition and it’s nice to get that pay bump,” said Pappenfuss.

Dispatch Lead Margaret Haugan was also promoted during the ceremony to Public Safety Answering Point manager.