Minot pair robs ice angler, then returns items to victim

MINOT, N.D. – Ward County investigators say a Minot pair stole $2,000 worth of equipment from an ice angler’s stalled truck and later tried to return the items to the victim.

Prosecutors have charged 23-year-old Seth Dorscher and 25-year-old Carli Boyko with theft of property.

Court records indicate that the victim called central dispatch Sunday evening, claiming two people were at his residence returning items that they had stolen from him. The man told investigators the items were taken from his truck after it became stuck in a ditch upon returning from ice fishing.

The stolen items include a snowmobile, a generator, and a fishing camera.

Investigators say the pair admitted to taking the items, and Dorscher said they were trying to do the right thing by returning them.

The victim asked around to find his belongings, and a relative of Boyko’s came forward and told him she had tried to sell the generator online. The relative made Dorscher and Boyko return the items.

Dorscher has since bonded out of jail, while Boyko remains in custody.

Both will be back in court next month on the charges.