Minot pair make 'Top 25 Women in Business' list

MINOT, N.D. - Two Minot-area women have been honored as some of the top businesswomen in our region of the country.

Lorena Starkey and Brittney Hogan made Prairie Business Magazine's ‘Top 25 Women in Business’ list for 2018.

Starkey serves as the general manager of the Hyatt House while Hogan is the executive director for the Minot Public School foundation.

Both women not only work in their organizations, but are also involved with nonprofits.

“I was shocked, surprised, very humbled. There's a great legacy of women both in this community, as well as around North Dakota who have won this. So very honored to be recognized,” said Starkey.

“Super excited. I know a lot of times when you think business, nonprofits don't come to the front of your mind. So it was just great to also get some recognition for the nonprofits sector,” said Hogan.

The magazine pulls women from all over North Dakota, South Dakota and Western Minnesota.