Minot one step closer to allowing snakes within city limits

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The city of Minot is one step closer to allowing certain species of snakes within city limits.
The animal ordinance committee passed a recommendation to an amend the current ordinance to prohibit venomous and non-venomous injurious snakes including rattlesnakes, boa constrictors and pit vipers.

The recommendation will go to the full city council for consideration.

Marshal Platz, a snake enthusiast, says he understands there is fear in the city, but says some people may take interest in them as well.

“You're right there are going to be people that do not want anything to do with these animals but then you're going to have the same amount of people that would never even think that they would want to touch one of these animals slowly start to take interest in it,” said Platz.

The committee will further discuss allowing backyard hens within city limits in their next meeting on November 2nd, at 3:30 in the council chambers.