Minot missionaries change lives in Dominican Republic

Published: Jan. 22, 2019 at 7:21 PM CST
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Missionaries are sent all over the world, helping others in need and changing lives of those less fortunate.

Tyler and Callie were both on separate service trips to the Dominican Republic when they were introduced to each other.

Shortly after the two returned stateside they got married and started life here in Minot. But just six months later all of that changed when they were sent to live in the Dominican Republic. Now, with a 14-month-old son, Tyler and Callie will be head back to the Dominican Republic for the third year.

What started as a missionary trip.

"There are six of us and we all work together just to find the needy areas in the community and help bring hope to the people who are hopeless,” said Callie Franca, a missionary has evolved into so much more.

"Honestly it has changed every aspect of our lives. We joke sometimes we don't know how to be a married couple or parents in the states. Because we have only ever done it in the Dominican,” said Franca.

"You know getting to work with the children each and every day at the bread of life feeding program. Getting to work with the older kids or going camping with kids, playing sports and really just learning the culture,” said Tyler Franca, a missionary.

The Bread of Life feeding program is just one way this couple helps the kids in the community.

"These are kids who come from all over the neighborhood. Their parents aren't able to feed them. They come to us. They get a warm nutritious meal. We do basic medical care since I am a nurse. We have a little clinic there where I can take care of them. We also help out with their education and we support them in any way they need,” said Callie Franca.

The relationships Callie and Tyler have built was not something they expected.

"We were going on a camping trip and we thought it would be fun to invite Cheroki. And he absolutely loved it. We have gone three times now. And he has gone on every trip he is the only kid to go on every trip. My relationship with him has really grown and it has been really cool to just minister and start mentoring him though it all,” said Tyler Franca.

Through it all, they stay humble.

"We know that the community has done just as much to help us and to change our lives. They have become our family and our friends and we truly love the people there. We cannot imagine life not in the Dominican,” said Callie Franca.

Whether it's putting in a floor in a house, feeding a child or providing medical care, Callie and Tyler are changing the lives of everyone they touch.

Tyler told me that his big project this year is putting in concrete floor into the homes that just have dirt on the ground. Dirt floors are very difficult to clean, and can lead to the spread of life-threatening diseases.

If you would like to help Tyler and Callie head to DRMissions.com.