Minot man overcomes obstacles to give back to community

MINOT, N.D.- If you enter one of Minot's grocery stores this time of year, you're bound to see a familiar face.

Five years ago, a stroke confined Ed Volk to a wheelchair.

“It’s just kinda hard to get around. I can walk a little bit with a cane, but I need to have something to hang on to," said Volk, a volunteer for the Salvation Army.

But that didn't stop Volk from giving back.

“I've always done volunteer work. I enjoy it and since my stroke, it's about the only thing I can do,” he said.

Ringing the bells allows Volk to help his community without having to use his legs, but that’s not the only reason he gives back.

“Mainly to have something to do. I have always been a busy person and now I just can’t do a lot of things. So any time I can help, I'd be glad to,” said Volk.

Volk says he enjoys helping the Salvation Army after they helped him recover from the 2011 flood.

“Salvation Army was really good after the flood, for properties that were flooded,” he said.

Volk may have lost his ability to walk, but he never lost his ability to care for others.