Minot man accused of attacking woman, bloodying her face

MINOT, N.D. – A Minot man remains in custody in Ward County for attacked a woman, causing her to bleed and suffer cuts and scrapes.

According to a criminal affidavit filed with the courts, Minot Police Officers responded to a northwest Minot apartment complex shortly after 6 p.m. Wednesday.

They say a tenant claimed a woman had come to his apartment with blood on her face, along with a gash on her eyebrow and scrapes on her hands.

Police officers noted two pools of blood on the floor of the kitchen.

The woman told investigators that 32-year-old Thomas Harrington hit her in the face following an altercation.

She stated she had blacked out following the incident and had a hard time remembering details thereafter.

She also claimed that Harrington had smashed her cell phone.

Officers questioned Harrington after he arrived at home later in the evening. He told investigators he and the woman had gotten into a shoving match but claimed no one was hurt.

Dispatch records indicate Harrington had called shortly after 5 p.m. for being involved in a disturbance. He also denied breaking the phone.

Officers arrested Harrington and charged him with aggravated assault. He made his initial appearance Thursday and will be back in court March 1.