Minot locals take action after BSL repeal denied

MINOT, N.D.- Just hours after the city's vote against repealing breed specific language from the city's animal ordinance, locals began taking action on social media.

Lianne Zeltinger is part of this group collecting signatures for a petition, in hopes of allowing pit bulls back in Minot.

“I think there's about 17 right now,” said Zeltinger.

This is an issue Minot pit bull owners can't really voice their opinions on either, for fear of losing their pets. So it's up to people, like Lianne, who hasn't even owned a pit bull, to help fight for them.

“Dangerous dogs that bite, whether it be another human or dog or cat, they can remain in the city even during the time they're waiting to go to court or charges or anything. They can remain in the city,” said Zeltinger.

Pit bulls, even ones that haven’t done anything wrong, are not allowed in Minot. The city council had their reasons to vote against the ban repeal.

“Pit bulls, maybe they bite. They bite on the average like other dogs, but when they do bite, its often catastrophic,” said Minot Mayor Chuck Barney before the vote earlier this week.

The Facebook group advocating the repeal is hoping to have 2,800 signatures by April 9 in order to put it on the city council election ballot this summer.

“I want people to have a voice, that's number one. We should be able to have a voice. Getting the petition, getting it on the ballot, vote in June and then your voice is heard,” said Zeltinger.

Until then, pit bull owners will need to keep their dogs out of Minot.

Zeltinger said those who are interested in signing the petition should message her on Facebook