Minot leaders mulling over reallocating sales tax for water projects

MINOT, N.D. - The city of Minot is considering some changes to how sales tax dollars are used.

The city has a one-cent sales tax that, up until 2011 was used for the Northwest Area Water Supply project.

After 2011 it was reallocated to construction projects and other uses for the city.

An ad-hoc committee is now meeting weekly to figure out how to reallocate these funds.

“It can be reallocated back towards NAWS where it's needed, so we're looking at, hopeful with the NAWS project moving forward, so it just kind of brought up the discussion on if all of the sales tax should be looked at where it's going,” said Dan Jonasson, with Minot Public Works.

The ad-hoc committee will meet again this coming Monday at noon in the city council chambers.