Minot leaders give their opinions on State of the State

MINOT, N.D.- Since the governor brought his speech to Minot, we wanted to know what Minot leaders thought of what he said.

Gov. Doug Burgum, R-N.D., spent a portion of his speech discussing goals for future generations.

He said that the state needs to do its part to retain young people with jobs and a good quality of life.

Here's what Minot Mayor Chuck Barney said about how the vision for young people in Minot lines up with that of Bismarck.

“The young people are getting them involved, and getting them passionate about serving their community. Whether that service is for their government, whether it's for their church, or whether it's with their civic organization,” said Barney.

Burgum also discussed the importance of different levels of a community working together.

He said patience and listening are key to cooperation, something Alderman Stephen Podrygula said he agrees with.

“I was really impressed about how he stressed listening. Not giving people directions or orders. Listening, I think, is such an important and often undervalued thing and this guy’s seems like a really good listener,” said Podrygula.