Minot leaders approve change to flood protection plan's 'Phase 5'

Published: Mar. 2, 2020 at 11:26 PM CST
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Minot city leaders voted Monday night to adopt a change to part of the flood protection plan, after one of the major railroads objected to part of the plan.

The change involved a realignment of what's known as “phase M-I-5.”

The City Council held a lengthy discussion over how Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad responded to the flood protection plans.

The council decided to keep the project north of the railroad tracks.

One of the designers of the project said the new alignment would tie in to “phase M-I-1.”

“If we don't move to the north side alignment, we really fall back into the plan that we had developed previously that crossed the track at the two locations with BN, we are really at a stalemate with them,” said Jerry Bents, with Houston Engineering.

Houston Engineering said that BNSF did counter with another plan, but it would have cost millions more than the city estimated for the project.