Minot hosts Dream Catchers' first fashion show

MINOT, N.D.- Some Minot-area high schoolers did their part today to empower young athletes with disabilities with a special fashion show.

The Minot Optimist Club and Dream Catchers teamed up to hold their first-ever show at the Sleep Inn in Minot.

The Dream Catchers, a group that helps people with disabilities play sports, accepted donations during the show.

A high-schooler paired up with an athlete for their walk down the runway.

A lot of preparation went into the show, but it sounded like the ladies were ready for the spotlight.

“I'm super excited. Everything is perfect. It exceeded expectations. It's just awesome,” said DLB Junior, Kyley Lauf.

“Yeah, I'm not even nervous because I know all the girls are confident, they all look beautiful, and they're just as excited as we are,” added DLB Senior, Caitlyn Vogel.

The high schoolers taking the runway with the Dream Catcher 'models' were picked because of their positivity in the community.