Minot high schoolers tour medical chopper

MINOT, ND - The sky's the limit for some Minot high schoolers interested in medicine.

They got to see firsthand the inner workings of a medical chopper Friday.

Paramedics with Northstar Criticair showcased one of their choppers to the students at Magic City Campus.

They taught the students, most of which are taking bio-medical classes at the school, about how they load patients in and care for them thousands of feet in the air.

“These students can have a career in the medical field. That's why they're in these courses, and so just kind of giving them the idea of what's out there, aside from just basic nursing or EMT and paramedics. You can take it one step further,” said Angie Wallace, a flight nurse with Northstar.

“You know, you can read about it, but you never get the sheer magnitude of what's it like,” said Zac Spaulding, a 9th grader at Central Campus.