Minot focuses on resilience

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Rebuilding five years after the flood hasn't been easy and there's still many years of construction and projects ahead. There's one word that everyone is keeping in mind.

"It think resiliency is more than just a project, I think it's a mindset," City Manager, Lee Staab said.

But there are several projects the city is juggling. The water treatment plant, the 15 phase, $1 billion Flood Protection Plan and the HUD Resiliency Program. They are attempting to look ahead without forgetting what happened just a short time ago.

"Forward thinking in how they can prevent catastrophes such as a flood but also to react to a disaster," Public Works Director, Dan Jonasson said.

The goal of every project, meeting and collaboration is to make Minot more resilient, a word with many different meanings but one real goal.

“For me it's being able to have our community that's going to be here in the long-term because we're taking the right steps to protect the community," Finance Director, Cindy Hemphill said.

A community that has been and continues to be a major part of the progress over the past five years.

"I think that if the people take it upon themselves to get involved in what we're trying to do here, not only will they help with the progress to get things done faster but at the same time making sure that we address the most important things in our community," Staab said.

Creating a resilient Magic City everyone can be proud of, whatever that may mean to you.

Phase one of the flood protection plan is set to start construction next year.

Jonasson says that if the first four phases are completed, 60 percent of homes in the current flood plain could be removed.