Minot flood walls taking shape with first concrete pour

MINOT, N.D. - The mouse river enhanced flood protection project is starting to go up just north of the Broadway Bridge in Minot.

Crews poured the first batch of concrete to form the flood wall footings, that will be the base of the first phase of the project.

Construction crews will go through more than 1,000 of these concrete mixers while building the first phase of the Mouse River Plan.

They'll start with the footing.

“The rebars that you see sticking out of the bases there--that's where the flood walls will be formed and come up, so this is kind of the foundation,” said Minot Public Works Director Dan Jonasson.

While the pour is a major step forward, crews have a long way to go.

Construction crews have been working for roughly four hours forming the first 80 feet of the floodwall footings, but the remaining 2,250 feet will take months to complete.

“This is what everyone is going to see coming into town on Highway 83 or Broadway,” Jonasson said.

This phase of the project will cost roughly forty-five million dollars including a pump station and the floodwall along 4th Ave. spanning from east of Broadway, all the way to 3rd St.

It’s all up from here.

This phase of the project is expected to be completed by spring of 2021.