Minot fitness gym gives back to those in Military

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MINOT, N.D. - A local Minot gym is giving back to those who serve our country.

After hearing that the Minot Air Force Base gym is going to be closed for 10 days, Ask Fitness & Performance is giving those involved with the military a discounted price for a membership. Co-Managers Tia and Lexi say they just want to thank those who protect our country.

"We're close to the base, and we have a lot to offer. We are the largest 24 hour fitness facility in Minot, and we want people to know how much we appreciate our military and how we want to give back and show our appreciation, not just as the gym, but the whole community. We want to show that we are up for our community and that we are a community-focused gym,” said Co-Owner Lexi Klabunde.

If you have any questions about the military membership you can call 839-3139.