Minot experiences above average temperatures

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MINOT, N.D. - It's not very common to see above average temperatures in January, yet here in Minot we've had several days of just that.

As temperatures rise, so do the spirits of the people in the Magic City.

"It's a blessing having this nice of weather this time of year cause it could be thirty below" said resident Fred Hansen.

And as the sun shines, and snow starts to melt, the heavy layers start to come off.

"People carry, they might wear a light jacket. I've seen people in Belcourt with shorts on," said Minot resident Tim Hawk.

But, experts say that although the rise in temperatures are uncommon, it won't be very long until the bitter cold conditions return.

"With the different cold fronts that have been pushing through we've been getting hit with a lot of those arctic air masses. So, we're going to be seeing a lot of those temperatures again later this week. Another arctic air moves in bringing in those colder temperatures. Some things are hinting though that; in the next couple of weeks we could be seeing another warm up; just a shift in the weather pattern. Maybe we could see another January thaw, but of course it is still winter, we will be seeing more of those cold temperatures" said meteorologist Kate Nagel.

Nagel offers one more piece of advice as you head out the door.

"Don't put your winter coats away. Winters not over yet" said Nagel.