Minot election preview: Lisa Olson, Kenton Kossan

MINOT, N.D. - We're continuing our ongoing candidate features for the special Minot City Council election next month.

Today we spoke with current alderman Lisa Olson and Kenton Kossan who are seeking reelection.

Alderman Lisa Olson has become a prominent figure on the Minot City Council, and even though the council itself is changing, she's looking to keep it that way.

Olson, who works as a teacher, moved to Minot in 1985 and has served on the council since 2010.

She emphasizes the importance of not only flood protection, but making sure residents have a roof over their head.

“Affordable housing has been very near and dear to my heart cause I believe that it is something that impacts women more than men. And so I've been very involved in helping secure affordable housing,” said Olson.

Olson is the only woman running for a spot on the new-look council. She said it's an underrepresented segment of the community.

“Fifty-one percent of our population are female, and so I think that it's important that we have at least one female. It would be nice if we even had more,” she said.

Also looking to hold his spot on the council, Alderman Kenton Kossan.

He launched a successful write-in campaign last year for his ward when no one formally declared a run. He says everyone needs to be included in flood protection efforts.

“The current flood protection phases will protect 60 percent of those who flooded in 2011. it's important we do not forget about that other 40 percent,” said Kossan.

Kossan works in law enforcement at the state level and said he sees many of the legal and criminal issues the city faces.

“I believe I have unique perspective than maybe some of the aldermen. I'm routinely on the streets after midnight,” he said.

Kossan said he would likely only serve one more term, but said he wants to help the city transition to the new form of government.

Thursday we'll speak with candidates David Shomento and Shannon Straight.