Minot digs out from snowstorm

MINOT, N.D. - The people of the magic city were out in force Saturday morning and afternoon, but of course they weren't raking leaves or mowing their lawn—they were plowing their driveways and sidewalks.

The snow unfortunately isn't light, it's heavy, wet snow that's tough to push around.

Some residents took the old-fashioned route of clearing the snow with a shovel like Bob Gillen.

Meanwhile, others like Mark Jantzer opted to bust out the snow blower to clear their driveway.

Either way, they say it's not necessarily common this time of year, but as true North Dakotans they were ready.

“Well you kind of expect, born and raised in Grand Forks, I've lived in the state all but two years of my life, I'm almost 50. So sometimes it happens, but you're hoping it doesn't happen til after Thanksgiving,” said Gillen.

“I've been here about four years in Minot, and we had one other occasion in October where we got a lot of snow, so it's not the first time, but no, you don't ever expect this in October,” said Jantzer.

The wing gusts were so strong overnight that they blew over Mark’s basketball hoop.