Minot couple gives advice for being married for 75 years

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MINOT, N.D. - Valentine's Day is a time when many couples reflect on how love has guided them through the good times and the bad.

You don't have to tell that to LeRoy and Helen Hedberg.

It's been a Shakespearean romance for the Hedbergs since day one.

"One on each side of the Mouse River, which is now the Lake Darling, he was on the west side and I was on the east side," said Helen.

A story that blossomed into a North Dakota fairy tale.

"We did go to the same high school in Tolley, North Dakota, graduating in 1942, and that fall we got married," said Helen.

Theirs is a story of love, loss, and enduring tragedy.

"There's been lots of happy times, but we've had a great deal of sadness too. We had three children. We have lost our two sons, all we have left is our daughter," said Helen.

Through it all, the family stayed together, and their relationship grew stronger.

"We've weathered the storm. We have six grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren and we love them dearly," said Helen.

The Hedbergs see the love in one another's eyes.

"He's been awful good, awful good to me. Been a good husband all these years," said Helen.

"She's been the best wife, I've ever had ever since," said LeRoy.

They always share a good laugh.

"She just gets better with age. Isn't that nice?," said LeRoy and Helen.

These lovebirds say being together for more than seven and a half decades will teach you a thing or two about love.

"Stay busy then you won't have time to argue. Love one another all the time, that way you don't get in trouble," said LeRoy.

Proving that love can withstand the test of time.