Minot community celebrates initiative to recycle e-waste

Published: Aug. 9, 2016 at 5:22 PM CDT
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What happens to your electronics when you get rid of them?

A partnership in the Minot area aims at cutting down on what's called 'e-waste.'

Kalix recycling celebrated its new partnership Aug. 9 with a national network known as 'Cycle Point' to recycle old electronics.

The goal is to prevent harmful metals and chemicals from entering the environment.

“We take all those parts apart and then can recycle them as individual components. Plastics will be baled together and sent to a plastics manufacturer, and the individual components will be dismantled and sent for further processing,” said Borgi Beeler, Kalix President & CEO.

Residents bring their old TVs and computers to the Kalix center.

For some of the items workers destroy them responsibly, while others they dismantle and send the parts back to Cycle Point who re-sells them.

In a country where Americans produce 30 million tons of electronic waste, including 30 million computers, this now gives Minot a local way to recycle these items.

“That gets pallated up and taken to Minneapolis or different sources to do what they do with it, so now we have a local opportunity to keep it local,” said Jason Sorenson, Minot Public Works.

Working to make sure your laptop stays out of the landfill.

You can bring old electronics to Kalix during regular hours for a small fee that's charged per pound and per item.

You can find out more information about Kalix by logging on to their website:

You can learn more about Cycle Point by logging on to their website: