Minot comes together for Lilly's medical benefit

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MINOT, N.D. - The Minot Community came together Thursday for a special cause.

The goal was raise money to pay for five-year-old Lillian Ethen's vest therapy. Lillian was born premature and was diagnosed with Aicardi Syndrome.

The Kenmare Family hosted a silent auction, chili feed, and Tupperware party at the Parker in hopes of getting Lillian the care she needs.

"That means the world to me. Just how people can be so giving," says Nicole Neubauer.

"It's so overwhelming because it's people you don't even know. You go back to the golden rule of 'treat others the way you want to be treated', and it seems like now-a-days you don't see that. So when you do see it, you get a fuzzy goose bump feeling, you know," says Amanda Lund.

One-hundred percent of the proceeds from the chili feed and 40 percent of the Tupperware proceeds will go towards Lillian's medical needs.