Minot city leaders vote to expand alcohol service at airport restaurant

MINOT, N.D. - The Minot City Council made no haste to put into place several changes at Monday night’s bi-monthly meeting, including an adjustment to rules regarding the sale of alcohol at the airport’s restaurant.

The restaurant inside Minot International Airport wanted to expand serving alcoholic drinks outside of its doors to include the entire gate area.

“There's been a bit of dip in revenue from the restaurant there and I think this is a way for them to be much like other airports across the state and it seems like it is a no brainer,” said Minot alderman Shannon Straight.

While most of the aldermen supported the idea, some were hesitant of allowing alcohol service outside of the restaurant.

“I think there are people in the community who aren't comfortable with consumption of alcohol in public places, and we are going to be opening it up to a very large part of the airport building. I think part of the issue too is that it will be impossible essentially to control consumption of alcohol by minors because there is no segregation of a drinking versus a non-drinking area,” said Minot alderman Stephan Podrygula.

Podrygula did end up voting yes to the expansion, and as a whole, the city council passed the action.