Minot city leaders talk flood protection, cost-share split with Gov. Dalrymple

MINOT, N.D. - Flood protection is key for Minot—and, just as crucial, the funding for it.

Minot city leaders met with Gov. Jack Dalrymple Sept. 7 to discuss the progress of flood protection, and working for a better cost-share split for the city.

As it stands, the state and the city split the cost of the Mouse River Plan 60-40 percent, but city leaders say they look to lower Minot's 40-percent share to ease the city's tax burden.

“Anything that we can do or that the state can help us to improve that percentage is going to be good for the Minot community, because we're gonna do the project. And if we have to do it ourselves, it's gonna be a heavier burden on our tax base, but we can't ignore the needs for flood protection in the community,” said Minot Mayor Chuck Barney.

“With the requests that are out there, between Fargo flood protection, and Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project, NAWS, WAS, Southwest Area Water Supply, there's over four and a half billion dollars’ worth of requests,” said Dan Jonasson, Minot’s Public Works Director.

Dalrymple will bring funding for the Mouse River Plan to light at a meeting with the State Water Commission in Bismarck later this month.