Minot city leaders say feeding wild animals is prohibited, will research hunting program

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MINOT N.D. - Feeding wild animals will now be prohibited within Minot city limits.

Council members voted unanimously to ban the action of feeding nuisance animals like geese, turkey, deer or moose at a special city council meeting Wednesday night. They said feeding the animals only adds to the nuisance problem within the city.

“It's not good for the animals and we are adding to and helping create this problem because the animals become attached to a food source, they spread disease, there's all sorts of negative consequences associated with this,” said Alderman Josh Wolsky.

Wolsky also asked that the city undertake a public information campaign informing residents the negative effects of feeding wild animals.

City leaders also voted to move forward with having city staff research a safe hunting program within city limits. The program would be aimed as an effort to control populations of nuisance animals like deer and would only be allowed at certain locations within the city.

“We're not talking about eradication by any means but we are talking about an effective method of control that is done very efficiently and effective in other cities,” said Alderman Shaun Sipma.

City Manager Tom Barry said that staff would need to do a thorough fiscal and operational impact analysis on a program because this would be in effect.