Minot city leaders and college students land in Norway

Published: May. 14, 2019 at 6:14 PM CDT
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Minot City leaders and college students touched down in Norway earlier Tuesday morning.

Mayor Shaun Sipma and City Manager Tom Barry will meet with their counterparts in Minot's sister city for the first time since 2015.

The trip has the support of those rooted in Scandinavian culture back in North Dakota.

The Norsk Hostfest brings authentic displays of Scandinavian culture straight to the Magic City every year.

Minot State Concert Choir members are getting that experience straight from the source in Norway.

Thanks to the Hostfest Heritage Foundation, Minot city leaders are also headed to our sister city Skein.

“We just decided that we wanted to give our share because that's the reason we have the Norsk Hostfest Foundation,” said Hostfest Heritage Foundation president David Reiten.

Reiten said he's been to Norway before and he's happy to make the journey possible for Mayor Shaun Sipma and City Manager Tom Barry.

“Since the Hostfest is based on Scandinavian heritage, we have to keep that connection between not only our sister city and Minot, but Norway, Scandinavia, and the state of North Dakota,” Reiten said.

Sipma, Barry, and the choir were greeted by the Mayor of Skein to start their two week long journey.

This Minot delegation will stay in Skein for the rest of the week before heading out to more stops before finishing their trip in Oslo.