Minot city council postpones executive session involving controversial issues

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Minot city leaders have elected to hold off on discussion on two controversial developments.

The city council was supposed to take up discussion behind closed doors on the ongoing lawsuit with Earth Recycling as well as the developer behind the 16th Crossing project.

But... the council voted to move tonight's executive session to next week... at the proposal of Alderman Josh Wolsky.

Members of the council said they would like to get those involved parties more of a notice on the executive session.

In July the city filed a cease and desist order against Earth Recycling over a zoning ordinance.

The plant filed for an injunction against the city but was unsuccessful.

The Attorney for Earth Recycling, Lynn Boughey, was not happy with the delay, saying he had waiting months for a response from the city.

“We finally get a proposal, we respond to it right away. I show up here with my client here with my client trying to make sure we can get this resolved for the betterment of that site and the citizens of this town to allowing recycling to occur to allow cleanup after a tragic fire...and now you table it for a week,” said Boughey.

The city will take these issues again in a special executive session on January 17th.