Minot city council hosts community discussion on recycling

MINOT, N.D. - Recycling in Minot, or the lack thereof, took front and center at Monday night’s Minot city council meeting.

Minot's Public Works Director Dan Jonasson gave a brief presentation before public comment on the city's efforts to address the issue.

One proposal calls for Minot residents to chip in roughly $4.50 a month for the program, but at least a fifth of the city's population would have to participate in the program.

Several Minot residents spoke in favor of the program, saying it would extend the life of the city's landfill.

Some, like Emily Higbee said it's about much more than dollars and cents.

“This should not be about money. This should be about saving the environment. I read a lot about it, and I know a lot of people don't like to think about that sort of thing, but 50 years from now, this world is going to look a lot different if we don't start making changes,” said Higbee.

Meanwhile, other residents who spoke at Monday night’s meeting were not as enthusiastic about the idea.

Some said the city should focus its spending on other, more pressing projects like flood protection.

Others such as Minot resident Travis Zablotney said implementing recycling programs sometimes brings unforeseen costs, including where to put sorted items.

“In a lot of the articles I've read, many of these cities that have recycling programs are finding that they can't afford to sort, and what do they do? The citizens of the city felt good about recycling, and they have to turn around and dump it in a landfill somewhere,” said Zablotney.

The city made no decision on recycling Monday night—this was all for public discussion on the matter.

We'll have more on the issue this week.