Minot city committee meeting on addiction asks for community help with opioid epidemic

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MINOT, N.D. - Cities across the country are facing an opioid epidemic and Minot is not exempt. Wednesday night, the Mayor's committee on addiction met for the first time.

The committee includes parents of addicts, local law enforcement, health professionals, and city and school officials.

With the goal to educate, identify, and use resources to address the problem, the Mayor says the committee has a plan in place that's going to include the community.

"We're going to be breaking, not just all of us, but we're going to be drawing people in from the community to tackle different elements of this issue through subcommittee, because to do it in this format would be challenging, and probably not very productive. But, if we could take this down to another level, I think it will be," said Minot Mayor Chuck Barney.

To find out how you can help you can contact the Mayor's office or go the City of Minot Facebook page.