Minot child gets wish granted

MINOT, N.D. - Four-year-old Minot native Kailen Moe learned Thursday that his wish to go to the San Diego Zoo has been granted.

Kailen has cerebral palsy with a severe developmental delay. This trip will allow him and his family to make lasting memories.

"He isn't like every other kid. Every day he has to deal with different things and medial and doctors and all of that. Today is about him, getting a special day to honor him and he can do something that he loves,” says Dawn Rones, wish granter.

The Roosevelt Park Zoo hosted the wish reveal and surprised Kailen with some animals. He got to pet a chinchilla, a snake and a turtle.

"I think he liked the chinchilla better," said Jacob Moe, Kailen’s Father. "He didn't really care much for the snake. He smiled a little bit more with the chinchilla than the snake. He touched the snake and made a weird face.”

One of Kailen's favorite things is animals and at the San Diego Zoo. Kailen will be treated as a VIP with a behind-the-scenes tour to get up close and personal with the animals.