Minot celebrates Veteran's Day

MINOT Master Sgt. Cristian Martinez may be new to Minot, but he and his family were made to feel right at home during Minot's Veterans Day celebration Saturday morning.

Martinez was the keynote speaker at the ceremony, detailing what he feels it means to be a veteran.

Originally of the Virgin Islands, he and his family experience quite the change in scenery after moving to Minot this summer from Japan.

Nevertheless, the Martinez's find comfort in family and service, no matter where they move.

“My grandfather, he served in the military and that led me to kind of serve in the military. Both me and my husband were active duty, but we have three children so that was kind of challenging. So I decided to get out and now I support my husband,” said Sharita Martinez, Cristian’s wife and veteran.

The Minot area is always looking for help with veterans affairs and encourage you to contact Kelli Weiand, Director of Military Outreach, if you are interested in doing so.