Minot car club donates to Pioneer Village relocation efforts

MINOT, N.D. - Last week KMOT reported first that the Pioneer Village would be headed to Burlington.

Monday, the village received some financial help for the move.

The Dakota Cruisers Car Club donated $2,500 to the Ward County Historical Society.

The money will go primarily to relocating the old car collection for the museum.

The car club members wanted to help preserve the county's history and help the museum get to its new home.

“We feel that this is something that needs to be done to help out the society, and we're just glad to do it. We have the money to do it, and it was a unanimous decision by the board,” said George Masters, with the car club.

“The automobile collection we have is a very important historical part of our operation here. We're looking at moving our buildings as soon as it thaws out in the springtime,” said David Leite, with the Historical Society.

Leite says they've already started packing up many of the items for the move.

The Historical Society elected to move the village off of the fairgrounds after losing a legal battle in civil court with the North Dakota State Fair.

Town & Country Credit Union also donated $1,600 to the Historical Society Monday for their relocation.

The Historical Society estimates the move to cost roughly $2 million.