Minot business leaders tout federal grant for intermodal facility

Published: Jun. 13, 2019 at 5:24 PM CDT
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Minot's business leaders are touting a major investment from the federal government as a chance to attract business development in the Minot.

The city recently earned a $400,000 CRISI grant from the Federal Railroad Administration. The grant was part of more than $326 million dispersed to communities across the country to support railroad infrastructure.

The money will go to improvements to an industrial park on the city's east side, and to help transform the area into what's known as an “intermodal" facility, meaning it can ship goods by both rail and by trucks.

Intermodal is a term recently used by city leaders when talking about business in the industrial area. They say the goal is to improve and expand the rail and trucking capacity, and with a new grant just awarded to the Minot Area Development Corporation, the city is moving closer to that vision.

Minot's industrial park on the city's east end is not only a BNSF-certified site, but also the biggest distribution hub on rail line between Chicago and Seattle.

That's a critical selling point for potential new tenants.

“Minot has been identified as the community that makes sense to serve as the inland port. It would be an economic impact not only for the community of Minot, the Minot area that we serve as MADC, but also the state as a whole,” said Brekka Kramer, MADC chair.

The plan is to match the $400,000 federal grant with money from the Magic Fund. The MADC is still in the working to secure those dollars. We'll know more in the coming weeks.

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