Minot alderman tackle 2018 budget cuts

MINOT, N.D. - A packed house of concerned Minot residents joined Minot city aldermen Thursday night in debating the merits of some tough budget cuts for 2018.

The aldermen upheld a pair of recommendations from Council President Mark Jantzer on city employee salaries and sales tax dollars.

That means a freeze on salaries next year, and the city would also redirect the first penny of sales tax from the city's Magic Fund to flood protection efforts.

The council also chose to suspend funding plans for next year for the city's proposed recycling plant, which would save roughly $2.25 million.

The aldermen voiced their thoughts on property tax increases and using money for flood protection.

“I want to be part of a community where we invest in our employees, on our facilities, in improved management and things like that, and to me, it's worth a Starbucks a week. That's what it comes out to,” said alderman Stephan Podrygula, on the monthly property tax increase.

"I'm glad of the investments that we've been able to make, but I do support the transfer of these funds into flood control because I do think that that is what's most vital right now,” said alderman Lisa Olson, on redirecting money from the Magic Fund to flood protection.

The city will continue with design of the recycling plant for now, just not construction.

The next reading of the budget will be Sept. 21.

You can find the full budget here: www.minotnd.org/Archive.aspx?AMID=38